Wildlife Conservation Society Board of Directors

WCS protects wildlife and wild places around the world. Based on the science, global conservation, education and management of the largest zoo system in the world. Led by the iconic Bronx Zoo (NY). Activities like these, promote changes of attitude in people towards nature and help to imagine a harmonious coexistence with wildlife. WCS is committed to this mission because it is essential for the integrity of life on Earth. President Santos accepted to be a member of the Board since September 2018.

Global Visionary Award of Conservation International

Former President Juan Manuel Santos received on December 6th, 2018 in New York, the Global Visionary Award of Conservation International. The organization highlighted his work towards the environment. 

National Geographic Distinction

Gary Knell, president and CEO of National Geographic Society, gave recognition to President Juan Manuel Santos for his role in protecting Colombia’s biodiversity and promoting a more balanced and peaceful world.

Knell said during the presentation: “We celebrate an icon and an environmental hero” adding that President Santos “has achieved a balance by assuring to Colombia the protection of its environment while he works for peace and economic development.”

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew International Medal Award

In selecting President Santos, Richard Deverell, Director of RBG Kew said,  

“Colombia is a mega diverse country with much of its biodiversity still undiscovered or unrecorded because of the armed conflict experienced for over a half century. When President Santos led the signing of a peace treaty with FARC guerrilla fighters he heralded a new era, opening the country to international collaboration in biodiversity research. “His championing of biodiversity is an example to other leaders around the world… Being committed to environmental sustainability in this context is something we wanted to acknowledge with this award.”